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  • A Maine Extension!!!

After our last post on August 18, we said we were finishing up our stay here at our family cabin in Maine. Well, it wasn't exactly a lie - it was more of a brief thought - which then proceeded to fly out the window and we stayed for 2 1/2 more weeks! We turned in our rental car and grabbed our electric bikes - grocery shopping, hiking trails, errands, even a dental cleaning was simple to do with these beauties! Our niece, Chace, and her friends (Rosie and Oli) were at their camp across the street. We finally got to meet Penny, Chace's 1 year old English Field Cocker Spaniel. It was so special to have some quality time with them all - swimming, hiking, cooking, long chats with so many laughs!

A special thank you to my sister, Janet, for letting us use her camp as we needed to during our stay. We only wish you were up here with us. Next year!

We are leaving the day after Labor Day (for sure this time). Maine is so beautiful this time of year, so we will continue our Maine travels and explore some more incredible spots.

See Trip's Deeper Dive #9 here for his thoughts on our stay in Bridgton.


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