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Little Moments

  • Graveyard of the Atlantic and beyond

  • A Thanksgiving to remember

  • Saying yes to the dress

  • Holidays we will never forget

  • Broken hearts

  • Cruising

We have been in a flurry of activity for the past few months! But always trying to enjoy the little moments.

We're Sailors!

What fun we have had in our new home! We have slowly been learning the systems and settling in. We initially sailed north in the Chesapeake Bay to our old stomping grounds that we know so well to see our family and friends. Of course we stopped in Annapolis in our old neighborhood, then to Baltimore to hang out with Hannah and Cam.

We were planning to spend the winter months in south Chesapeake Bay. However, the first cold snap in October quickly had us making other arrangements! Why have a sailboat if we can't be where the sun shines so warmly?

After speaking with friends and consulting a marine weather specialist, we found a weather window to sail from the lower Chesapeake Bay to points south. It happened to be over Halloween weekend, when the moon was full and the skies were clear. We left on Friday morning and arrived 200+ miles later on Sunday afternoon in Morehead City, NC. We spent a few days anchored there as we waited for another weather window, then made our way to Hilton Head, SC at the beginning of November.

Trip's deep dive, 17, is here

After settling into a marina, we took Amtrak from Savannah to Richmond to retrieve our car, which Erich had been kind enough to store for us at his home so that we could travel to Foley, AL for Thanksgiving.

Little moments:

  • Pam in the dinghy for the first time after nearly a week on the boat with COVID

  • New fishing pole (shark took the new lure!)

  • Docking safely the first time (despite incredibly strong currents)

  • Yummy dinner at Dave and Amy's

  • Game night with Hannah and Cam and their friends

  • Spotting a Navy submarine (which blasted its horn at us for being too close)

  • Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins

  • Incredible sunsets (and chilly sunrises too)

  • Riding on marina bikes to explore Hilton Head

  • Ceremony to appease Poseidon to official change the boat name to Shavasana

  • Turtle graphics on the bow for our original family of 5

  • Small turtle on the dinghy for Alden. Will add more as more grandbabies come.


Thanksgiving was incredibly special this year, as the entire extended Timperley family travelled to Foley, AL to spend time with Pam's parents, Bruce and Sue. It was a long weekend of laughter and love, quality time, reminiscing, playing, and just enjoying being together. There were 19 of us at the table giving thanks. What a blessing it was.

Little moments:

  • Cousins taking the same photo 10 years apart

  • Going through old photo albums

  • Beach walks

  • Alden snuggles

  • Everything

Saying YESSES to the DRESSES

As many of your know, both Hannah and Samantha are planning their 2024 weddings. Despite our vagabond lifestyle, Pam was able to be with the girls to find their wedding dresses. It's all very tight-lipped right now, but suffice it to say...


We were lucky enough to spend Christmas with Samantha's fiancee, Henry's, family in Chicago. What a wonderful time it was! The whole family is wonderful, and we had a great time with them all. High tea on Saturday, Christmas eve dinner on Sunday, Christmas Day on Monday. We were also able to see Pam's brother and family, Bruce, Loreen, and Jack. Thank you to the entire Vachon/Pierson crew for hosting us and treating us like family!

Broken Hearted

Pam's mom had been sick with a respiratory virus (specifically RSV - which none of her medical team told her about the new vaccination, despite serious respiratory issues) since a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. She ended up in the hospital with pneumonia caused by the RSV. We were able to travel down before Christmas and help her at the hospital and at home. Right before discharge, we contacted Hospice so that both Sue and Bruce would have support needed at home. We fully expected her to "graduate" out of hospice as she continued to improve, but it was a comfort to the entire family that they had support in place for whatever was needed. Pam's sister, Janet, and her brother, Bruce, also visited for support while Sue recovered.

Unfortunately, Sue passed away suddenly on New Years Eve. It was very fast and painless, she seemed at peace, and had her husband and son by her side.

Trip wrote a deep dive,18, which can be found here.

Our hearts are broken, as she was the center of our worlds.

You can view her obituary here.


It may seem rather silly, but we left our boat to get on a boat!

Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas out of Miami - where 25 of the extended Buckenmaier family met and played for 5 nights. So much fun, and the support of family that Pam needed, so soon after her mom's passing. Pictures speak for themselves.....


We are currently in Florida - we will do another blog post on our journey down. Hint: it was pretty incredible (dolphin and whale sightings) and we have a guest on board!


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