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Oh Canada!

  • Winnebago Factory

  • Impromptu visit to Minnesota

  • Staying cool in Canada

  • Maine and Family with BIG NEWS


We had a very exciting event happen in Maine - Henry and Samantha got engaged! They woke up very early the morning after they arrived to take a sunrise hike that Henry had planned, and he proposed at the top of the mountain as the sun rose. We are so happy for them both. Welcome to the family, Henry!!


Our electric steps into the coach stopped working when we were in Wisconsin. It's a BIG step getting inside so we were very motivated to get it fixed.

The Winnebago Factory Service Center in Forest City, IA was a one day drive and we were able secure a same day appointment. We also asked about a window with a broken seal.

Both fixed same day, both under warranty.

Woot woot! Thank you Winnebago!


Our dear friends, Kerry and Danielle, were in Chisholm, MN for a month this summer for the production of La Boheme. We were sweltering in the US heat, decided to head toward Canada, passing through Chisholm on the way. Fortunately, Kerry and Danielle were great sports when we called and said, "We will be there in 2 days!" We were lucky enough to see rehearsals, once again blown away by our friends' incredible talent.

Walks, bike rides, museums, games, laughs - we fit it all in during our brief stay - before heading further north into Canada to find some cooler weather.


Our first trip over the border - and wow, Canada did not disappoint! We traveled around Lake Superior, from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. A beautiful drive, wonderful campgrounds, and best of all, cool, fresh air. Smoke from the Canadian wildfires were not an issue for us, although reports from the US were that the air quality was unhealthy. No moose sightings - despite constant surveillance - but we did spot two black bears. One on the highway that we actually had to break to let him cross, and the other when we were riding our bikes. Lots of hiking and biking, including a long ride into Ottawa for a day of sightseeing. We came back down into the US in New Hampshire in order to meet the rest of the family at the camp in Maine. A wonderful way to spend 2+ weeks!


We spent a few weeks up in Maine this year, with people coming and going as their jobs allowed. Alden, of course, was the star of the show, and got more love from his Aunts and Uncles than he could handle! Lots of fishing, swimming, games, laughs,'s such a special place. Trip taught Samantha how to fly fish this year - see his Deeper Dive #16 here.


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