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  • Our 30 year lifelong dream

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Paying Attention to Signs

We have always talked about someday living and cruising full time on a boat. Year and years of internet searches, boat show attendances, chartering, and dreaming led us to this moment, and we paid attention.

In August in Maine, our RV refrigerator broke. It forced us to go to Pennsylvania to get warranty coverage, and the part would take 6 weeks to arrive. We saw a boat online that checked all of our boxes, and although we weren't planning to seriously purchase a boat until the spring, we were close enough to take a look. As we drove to Virginia, our refrigerator suddenly began working again. We took it as a good omen that we were on the right path.

Our Dream Becomes a Reality

Trip's brother, Erich, drove us to see the boat. His one job was to find something wrong and talk us out of buying it. The boat was all we could hope for. The owner was spectacular. We were giddy. On the ride home, we waited for Erich to do his job. He failed - and sheepishly stated, "I think you should buy this boat."

Erich offered his home to us while we figured our life out. Things were moving fast, and we had a long to-do list to get ready.

We sold our beautiful RV in just a few weeks. Got all of our ducks in a row. Went through our boat stuff that was in storage. Ordered new boat stuff. We were ready.

We are thrilled to introduce you to 'Shavasana' - our new (to us) 2023 Lagoon 42 sailing catamaran!

As many of your know, Trip began a yoga practice nearly a year ago to relieve stubborn back pain. I have since joined him as my back has recovered after surgery last February. Our yoga practice has been a wonderful addition to our lives for many reasons, both physically and mentally.

The very last pose in our practice is Shavasana - literally meaning corpse pose. Although also referred to as active rest. This sentiment describes our life of retirement perfectly.

New Adventures Ahead

While we loved our time on the RV, this is what we feel we were meant to do. Cruising full time has it challenges, and we are excited for the adventure!

We are currently cruising down the eastern US and will write about our adventures in the next post. For now, thank you for your patience with us getting this post out - as Trip says, we have been drinking from a firehose, trying to learn the systems of this beautiful new home, and time has gotten away from us.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU... Erich, who has supported us so much throughout this process. We asked him if we could stay a night or two, and ended up staying with him for a month. Thank you for your love and laughter during a happy but stressful transition period, celebrating our wins along the way and also some COVID thrown in for good measure.


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