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  • If you're retired and traveling full time, how do you know if you're on vacation?

  • Loving Maine

  • Family and friends

We are just finishing up a month+ at our family camp in Bridgton, ME. We have never spent this much time here during one stay, and this will not be our last prolonged stay! It's lovely to unplug and unwind in a familiar place. We were able to store the RV at the Bethel Airport, about 30 minutes away (thank you, Chris, for helping us!). The best part of our stay was seeing family and friends. Karon and Toni came for 10 days --- their first time in Maine (and I dont think it will be their last), overlapping with Susan/Dan, Hannah/Cam, and Samantha/Henry, who then overlapped with Amy and Dave (our Annapolis family)! A continuous crowd, all happy and laughter, and celebrating each other.

It's hard to sum it up, so here are the highlights:

  • Watching Susan - then 18 week pregnant - and marveling at the passage of time (it seems she was just a baby herself)

  • Loving being with our girls

  • So much lobster!

  • Dinners for 10 - crazy and so fun

  • Endless spite and malice games

  • Saco River tube floating trips

  • New (to us) fishing boat

  • Plenty of fish caught

  • Spotting loons

  • Spotting eagles

  • Hikes

  • Bocce at the field

  • So much swim time

  • Henry making cairns and arches

  • Beautiful sunsets made better to watch on the new dock


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